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  1. GSOC Report #3: unsolclic and libcnml

    {"date": "Tue 03 July 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    I'm back! No more exams for a while. I'm happy to have much more time to spend working on Guifi.net Studio.
    These are the improvements so far:

    Prettier GUI

    Guifi.net Studio is prettier now, that's the first thing you can notice :)
    Now it has an user interface quite …

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  2. GSOC Report #2: libs and APIs

    {"date": "Tue 05 June 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["gsoc2012", "guifi.net"]}

    I have added some checkbuttons that allow you to show and hide the labels and the points of the nodes. Apart from that, there aren't more features this week.


    I have subscribed to their mailing list and I have the pending task of reading its archive.
    The other patches …

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  3. GSOC Report #1: Maps

    {"date": "Sun 27 May 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    Today I have finished adding the libchamplain support to the old interface. Here I leave a screenshot:

    There you can appreciate that there's a bold point and a label for every node. I still have to draw the lines representing the links between nodes and improve the style and the …

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  4. GSOC Report #0: Documentation

    {"date": "Tue 22 May 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    -Note: I forgot to say in my last post that all coming posts about GSOC will be in English-
    Well, the coding period started yesterday. Here is what I've been doing meanwhile during the documentation period:

    Project name

    First, I decided to change the project name from "CNML Explorer" to …

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  5. Script para bajar vídeos de La Sexta

    {"date": "Tue 01 November 2011",

    "category": "Development",
    "tags": ["la sexta", "script"]}

    Por motivos de compatibilidad operativa, he tenido que buscar otro método para descargar los vídeos de la web de La Sexta. Para ello he hecho un script en Python que dada una URL te devuelve la dirección del RTMP para bajarla con rtmpdump por ejemplo.

    Resumiendo... la URL original está …

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  6. Cambio de servidor

    {"date": "Thu 27 October 2011",

    "category": "Misc",
    "tags": ["marsupi", "wikileaks"]}

    En los últimos días, el blog ha estado inaccesible y en continuas modificaciones.

    El motivo es que los impresentables de SiteGround no me avisaron de que mi hosting caducaba a principios de agosto (el dominio caducaba en septiembre y no me acordaba de que el hosting caducaba antes) y dado …

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