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  1. Versión online de LibreBORME

    {"date": "mar 31 marzo 2015",

    "category": "LibreBORME",
    "tags": ["libreborme", "opendata", "registro mercantil", "proyecto de fin de carrera", "CUSL"]}

    Con motivo de la evaluación del Concurso Universitario de Software Libre, esta última semana he estado trabajando en montar una versión de LibreBORME en producción y en darle una capa de pintura.

    Para los impacientes: ya se puede acceder a través de https://beta.libreborme.net https://libreborme.net.

    Como ...

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  2. Qué es libreBORME

    {"date": "mié 25 febrero 2015",

    "category": "LibreBORME",
    "tags": ["libreborme", "opendata", "registro mercantil", "proyecto de fin de carrera", "civio"]}

    This post is also available in other languages: en .

    LibreBORME es mi apuesta como Proyecto de Fin de Carrera y estará tutorizado por Carlos Canal de la Universidad de Málaga y David Cabo de la Fundación Ciudadana Civio.

    El progreso se puede ir viendo en el repositorio de GitHub: libreborme, aunque ahora mismo el último commit es de octubre ...

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  3. GSOC Final Report

    {"date": "mié 22 agosto 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    And this is a summary of the features implemented during this summer into Guifi.net Studio.
    I have taken the list of features that I wrote when I was doing the proposal for the GSoC. You can have a look at this list here.

    Filtering options

    Implementation status: 75%

    Filtering ...

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  4. GSOC Report #7: Pencils down!

    {"date": "dom 19 agosto 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    This week has been the suggested 'Pencils down period'.
    I haven't done big changes but I have taken advantage of this time to test Guifi.net Studio deeply to detect and fix crashes and complete some easy features.

    But there have been big changes, especially those done two weeks ...

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  5. GSOC Report #6: GUI + Guifi.net API

    {"date": "lun 06 agosto 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    Another report for the last 2 weeks.

    The most of the work has been the Graphic User Interface.

    So far it's possible to create nodes, zones, devices and radios in the remote host (test.guifi.net in this case) from the application.

    You will also have the chance to ...

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  6. GSOC Report #5: pyGuifiAPI

    {"date": "lun 23 julio 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    Big changes during these 2 weeks :)

    Python Guifi.net API

    I wrote a new library called pyGuifiApi. As you can guess by its name, it's used to communicate with the API in the side of the web server.
    I have included some tests that show how to create, update ...

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  7. GSOC Report #4: libcnml ready

    {"date": "lun 09 julio 2012",

    "category": "GSoC2012",
    "tags": ["guifi.net", "gsoc2012"]}

    Not so many changes but important advances:

    • Libcnml is rewritten and uses classes. Now you can do things like managing a CNMLLink object and get the two CNMLNode objects linked:

    from libcnml import
    c = CNMLParser('tests/detail.3')
    node = c.getNode(888)
    print node
    <libcnml.CNMLNode instance at 0xb75082ac>
    dir ...

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