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  1. Email to Realtek about issues in their sound driver

    {"date": "Mon 12 April 2010",

    "category": "Linux",
    "tags": ["realtek", "driver", "sound"]}

    This is the email I sent to Realtek related email addresses on December 3rd 2009. I sent it to: kailang@realtek.com.twshou@realtek.com.tw, and from their Contact section in their webpage. I hope that posting it here in public, they feel a bit more ashamed. I …

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  2. Adding a new git repository

    {"date": "Mon 04 January 2010",

    "category": "Linux",
    "tags": ["LPR", "howto", "git"]}

    Some time ago I set up a git server (gitosis) in my desktop computer. I use to commit in my laptop and then push the changes to my desktop and I really like it.

    Today to add a new repository I did:
    In my desktop:

    cd /tmp
    git clone gitosis …

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  3. HP devuelve 520$ a un usuario

    {"date": "Wed 18 March 2009",

    "category": "Linux",
    "tags": ["licencia", "windows", "HP"]}

    La historia se vuelve a repetir.

    A Jonathan Ernst, un informático suizo miembro de la comunidad de Ubuntu, le han devuelto 520 dólares porque no estaba de acuerdo con las licencias del software que venía instalado en su equipo. En su blog cuenta que no ha sido nada fácil y …

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  4. Revertir rdiff-backup -chars-to-quote

    {"date": "Sun 16 November 2008",

    "category": "Linux",
    "tags": ["rdiff-backup", "backup"]}

    IFS=" " for i in $(find|grep '\;'); do mv -i -v $i $(echo $i|sed 's/\;065/A/g' | sed 's/\;066/B/g' | sed 's/\;067/C/g' | sed 's/\;068/D/g' | sed 's/\;069/E/g' | sed 's/\;070/F/g' | sed 's/\;071/G/g' | sed 's …

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