Installing a git server in a Sheevaplug

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This post should have come before this one...
Anyways, here it is and that's the important.

The day before I started writing this post, I received my Sheeva plug computer (the dream of every geek) and the next evening I started to set some things up like wordpress running on lighttpd and a git server (which will replace my desktop computer git server).

Sheevaplug by default runs on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.

Here's how I set up the git server. At that time, there were some mistakes in the documention that made the setup harder :(. I still have to report them.

apt-get install gitosis
sudo -H -u gitosis gitosis-init < .ssh/
cd /tmp
git clone ssh://gitosis@localhost:PortIfNot22/gitosis-admin.git

Here, README.Debian is incorrect. It said to use:

git clone gitosis@localhost:gitosis-admin.git

But it may not work under some circumstances and is not the right way to do it. According to the man page:

  1. You must specify the protocol (git://, ssh://, http://, ...).
  2. ssh syntax uses colon (":") to specify the port so you cannot use it as separator.

Changes to your git server configuration are made using git commits (how geek!). So, once you are have cloned the gitosis-admin repository, you need to add the ssh keys of people that will have access to the git server.

scp ~/.ssh/ root@sheeva:/tmp/gitosis-admin/keydir/

Y una vez copiada, añadir, hacer commit y push (no olvidar nunca el push o no se salvan los cambios!)

git add keydir/ # (double-check it's the public key!!)
git commit -a
git push
git config push.default matching</i>

README.rst.gz is also wrong, because it says that you must copy your public ssh keys to the keys/ directory instead of keydir/, but that was easier...

Now you can add repositories as explained in the post I mentioned above in the first line.

What else?
Well, you can install a git-daemon-run in order to allow also anonymous people download git projects. This way you don't need to create a ssh for everyone :).
Git public server runs on port 9418 by default.

If someone wants a git account even if you know that you are never going to use it, just write me.

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READMEs are your friend. Well, not in the case of wordpress and gitosis... :S

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