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  1. Email to Realtek about issues in their sound driver

    {"date": "Mon 12 April 2010",

    "category": "Linux",
    "tags": ["realtek", "driver", "sound"]}

    This is the email I sent to Realtek related email addresses on December 3rd 2009. I sent it to: kailang@realtek.com.twshou@realtek.com.tw, and from their Contact section in their webpage. I hope that posting it here in public, they feel a bit more ashamed. I …

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  2. rtl8187se, realtek and ndiswrapper

    {"date": "Mon 12 April 2010",

    "category": "Free software",
    "tags": ["realtek", "linux"]}

    My new netbook uses the rtl8187se wireless driver and this is another post complaining about Realtek support to linux users.

    It would be a nice piece of news that it works out-of-the-box if the driver wasn't so unstable in WPA protected networks. I suffer from drops in throughput every 5-10 …

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