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  1. freedesktop & XDG

    {"date": "dom 24 enero 2010",

    "category": "Free software",
    "tags": ["linux", "nouveau", "portland"]}

    freedesktop.org (abreviado como "fd.o") apareció en el año 2000, aunque también es conocido como XDG ("X Desktop Group"). Es un proyecto que surgió cuando se empezó a "popularizar" el utilizar linux para los ordenadores personales, y con el objetivo de hacer unos estándares para los escritorios que funcionan ...

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  2. Projects I'm involved in 2010

    {"date": "vie 22 enero 2010",

    "category": "Free software",
    "tags": ["erasmus", "projects"]}

    In the last months, thanks to the less work in university I'm having (I'm doing Erasmus), I am getting involved in many free software / collaborative projects. I'm a bit scared because trying to cover a lot of them will involve also not focusing in any one in ...

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  3. Bringing buoh back to life

    {"date": "mié 23 diciembre 2009",

    "category": "Free software",
    "tags": ["gnome", "git", "debian", "cvs", "buoh"]}

    Buoh is a simple but practical project. Its web page defines buoh as "The online comic reader application for GNOME"

    I don't know how I discovered it but I looked at the screenshots I liked it. Minutes later I discovered that the buoh package had been removed from the ...

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  4. gnome-rss-applet

    {"date": "mar 01 diciembre 2009",

    "category": "Free software",
    "tags": ["gnome-rss-applet", "gnome", "github"]}

    I had been some time thinking about it and finally I have decided to create a repository for gnome-rss-applet in GitHub. You can read more about it in the wiki.

    You can clone the repository typing:

    git clone git://github.com/PabloCastellano/gnome-rss-applet.git

    Yarssr is not a huge piece ...

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  5. Becoming a GNOME developer

    {"date": "mié 18 noviembre 2009",

    "category": "Free software",
    "tags": ["GNOME"]}

    I am interested about joining the gnome team since some months ago and it looks like I'm going to get it kind of soon... :)

    Dear Pablo Castellano,

    Your account request has been approved by the maintainers/coordinators.
    The request will be forwarded to the GNOME Accounts Team for a ...

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