An attempt to censor my wikileaks mirror?

{"date": "Sun 12 December 2010",

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Hi all. I'm online again.

Last 6 December I decided to host a WikiLeaks mirror in my shared server in order to support them against all the censorship attempts they've had in the last days. It could be found at

My surprise, yesterday my hosting provider decided to suspend my account. You can read my two tweets about it here:

I've been fully following WikiLeaks news since the day they got DDoSed even before publishing the documents and I haven't read about any censorship attempt against mirrors. Have I been the first one? And what are their reasons? Is it coming a new wave of censorship attacks against mirrors? Good luck so. 

A SiteGround employee has forwarded my questions to the legal department.
I'll keep you up to date. You can follow me on twitter @_pablog.

And thanks all for your support.


I've been speaking with Marcia Hofmann from EFF and she did this great article! Boing Boing has also published it.
Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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