5 questions for GUADEC participants

{"date": "Wed 07 July 2010",

"category": "Free software",
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As requested here, here there are my 5 answers.

1) Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Pablo. I'm a geek and hacktivist Spanish guy born in 1989 and I'm in the linux atmosphere since I was 13, when I installed my first linux distribution. A lot has rained since that. I have collaborated to several free software projects. I just love coding and KILLING every bug I find in my way. I also like editing Wikipedia about themes I consider that are needed to spread.

2) How did you get into GNOME?
I have always felt like being in everywhere and nowhere at the same time. "Jack of all trades, master of none" and I decided that I had to join some well-known project or that at least I was using everytime (e.g. GNOME). I started contributing to seahorse last summer (2009) and after some a few months, Stef Walter from the seahorse project proposed me to request for an account and he would vouch me. And so, I did it and I'm a GNOME developer since November 2009.

3) Why are you coming to GUADEC?
I feel excited about meeting the GNOME crew and it will be nice to sit down with some of them and be able to discuss about GNOME, using bugzilla but face to face this time! We [seahorse maintainers and developers] have organized a BoF called DesktopCrypto I also want to meet some people involved in freedesktop.org and talk about the status of Portland. I am willing to maintain it.

4) In 1 sentence, describe what your most favorite recent GNOME project has been. (Doesn't have to be yours!)
Vala is a really cool project but I still have to investigate about it.

5) Will this be your first time visiting the Netherlands?
No! I was in The Netherlands 3 months ago, in April, with some friends. But it will be my first time in Den Haag :). Last time I spent the days in Groningen and Amsterdam.

See you soon!

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