Starting repository migration of portland to Git

{"date": "Thu 27 May 2010",

"category": "Free software",
"tags": ["portland", "linux", "github", "git", "cvs"]}

Using CVS is a pain for me and nowadays it's pointless using it. Actually there are enough open source alternatives, distribuited or not. Unfortunately the portland project hasn't still migrated to It's one of the few that is still stuck.

Today I have imported the repository as Git and then I have uploaded it to GitHub. I will try to keep it updated and synchronized with CVS. For it, I have opened a bug report to notify it and to ask what to do about the rewriting names task. Git has a field in every commit to specify who was the author of the patch and who has committed it and their email addresses. This is very useful to keep authorship even if the author hasn't an account to commit. As CVS lacked it, we have to "rewrite" the past. Also, CVS used a nickname to identify the author of a commit. With Git it's usual to specify your full name and your email address.

By the way, as I say in the bugreport, the new git repository can be found here:

Let's go for the 1.0.3 release! (1.0.2 release was in June 2007 :-/). And we are not the only ones who rewrite the past! See:

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