Projects I'm involved in 2010

{"date": "Fri 22 January 2010",

"category": "Free software",
"tags": ["erasmus", "projects"]}

In the last months, thanks to the less work in university I'm having (I'm doing Erasmus), I am getting involved in many free software / collaborative projects. I'm a bit scared because trying to cover a lot of them will involve also not focusing in any one in particular. I follow the development of these ones:

  • Telecommunications network open, free and neutral because is built through a peer to peer agreement where everyone can join the network by providing his connection, and therefore, extending the network and gaining connectivity to all. It started in Catalonia, Spain, where has a lot of promotion. Actually, there are also another Spanish cities trying to do the same.
  • GNOME: free software desktop environment (I think it doesn't need more explanations)
  • ReactOS: open source operating system intented to be binary compatible with Windows
  • OpenInkPot: free and open-source Linux distribution for eBook reading devices, especially with e-Paper and other high-latency, bi-stable screens.
  • Debian: this new year I will prepare myself to be Debian Maintainer.
  • I'll be a CAcert assurer soon!

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